Alberta Produce in Season in July

by Courtney Hanak on Jun 27, 2023

Alberta Produce in Season in July - Oonnie

The sun is high in the Alberta sky, and with its warm caress, our local farms are bearing the fruits (and vegetables) of their labour. There’s no better time to celebrate and savour the abundance of the season. Here’s a look at what you can expect to find at your doorstep from Oonnie’s Alberta farms in the merry month of July.

Berries Galore

Let's start with nature's candy. There's an explosion of berries throughout July, and they're all absolutely bursting with flavour. Strawberries are the early arrivers. Fresh Alberta strawberries are smaller than their supermarket counterparts, but they make up for it in their intensely sweet, aromatic taste. As the month progresses, we start to see fresh blueberries, raspberries and Saskatoon berries. These nutrient-rich berries are perfect for baking, jam-making, or simply savouring straight from the punnet.

Stone Fruits

Next on the roster are the stone fruits, marking the height of summer. Local cherries become available in the first few weeks of July. Whether you enjoy them fresh, baked into a pie, or pitted and preserved for colder months, there’s something simply delightful about these ruby-red fruits.

Vibrant Veggies

On the vegetable front, Alberta's summer warmth brings a verdant spread of offerings. Fresh, crunchy cucumbers, broad beans, zucchinis, and peas are some of the first to make their appearances in July. These are followed by an assortment of vibrant lettuce, perfect cabbage, and robust peppers. It's the perfect time for salad lovers to get creative with a variety of textures, tastes, and colors.

Towards the end of the month, get ready for the arrival of fresh beetroot, carrots, and new potatoes. These versatile root vegetables can be prepared in endless ways, from roasting to boiling to grilling, and they make a perfect complement to any summer meal.

Purchasing from Oonnie: Supporting Local

When you purchase your produce from Oonnie, you're not just buying food — you're supporting local Alberta farmers, helping to sustain our environment, and investing in your health with nutrient-dense, flavourful, and freshly harvested foods.

We at Oonnie are thrilled to connect you with the season’s best. Remember, seasonal produce not only tastes better but also has a lower carbon footprint. By aligning your menu with the rhythm of nature, you're doing a favour to your palate, your body, and the Earth.

As we celebrate Alberta's bounty this July, let's relish the authentic taste of the season, and look forward to the delicious diversity yet to come. We invite you to explore our site for fresh recipe ideas that make the most of these July offerings, and to share your own culinary creations with our community.

Stay fresh, stay local!