Why Free Run Chicken Eggs are the Best Choice for Health-Conscious Consumers

by Courtney Hanak on Jul 27, 2023

Why Free Run Chicken Eggs are the Best Choice for Health-Conscious Consumers - Oonnie

What are free run chicken eggs?

Free run chicken eggs are eggs laid by hens that are allowed to roam freely in open spaces, rather than being confined to cages or small enclosures. This allows the chickens to engage in natural behaviors, such as foraging for food and dust bathing. The hens are provided with ample space to move around and have access to fresh air and sunlight.

Why are free run chicken eggs healthier?

Free run chicken eggs are considered healthier than eggs from caged hens for several reasons. Firstly, the hens have a more varied diet, which includes insects, worms, and plants, resulting in eggs that are richer in nutrients. Secondly, the hens are more active, leading to stronger muscles and healthier eggs. Lastly, the stress-free environment in which the hens are raised contributes to better overall health and well-being.

Are free run chicken eggs more nutritious?

Yes, free run chicken eggs are more nutritious compared to eggs from caged hens. Studies have shown that free run eggs contain higher levels of vitamins A, E, and D, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are essential for maintaining good eye health, boosting the immune system, and promoting brain function.

Why should you choose free run chicken eggs?

By choosing free run chicken eggs, you are not only making a healthier choice for yourself but also supporting ethical and sustainable farming practices. Free run hens are treated with respect and have the opportunity to live a more natural and fulfilling life. Additionally, by purchasing free run eggs, you are encouraging the industry to move away from conventional cage systems.

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