Chef Pack - Oonnie

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Chef Pack


We designed this pack to iclude all that you will get from a side of beef but not as expensive.

This pack weighs approximately 61 pounds.  Buy by the pack and save.


Approx # of items and weight                                                  


T Bone Steak and/or Striploin Steak         4 steaks,  4 lbs

Prime Rib Steak                                      4 steaks,  4 lbs

Top Sirloin Steak                                     4-6 steaks, 4 lbs

Chuck Steak                                           4 steaks, 5 lbs

Round and/or Minute Steak                      4 steaks, 4 lbs  

4 Roast each approx. 4-5 lbs                    4 roast, 18 lbs

Short Ribs                                              1pk,  4 lbs

Stew Beef                                               3 pks,  6 lbs

Ground Beef                                            8 pks,  12 lbs

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Chef Pack - Oonnie

Chef Pack