The idea of Oonnie is simple. We are your local farmers market - entirely online.

Our goal is to connect local food producers to consumers who can't always shop their products in person. It's home to an abundant variety of foods, from fresh produce to ready-to-eat meal kits.

Covid's forced closure of in-person retail, pushed small food producers to pivot quickly to other avenues of selling. Unfortunately, many of them were not able to keep up. Between maintaining a website, coordinating deliveries, and marketing their own products, it's unbelievable that they still have time to MAKE the food products they're trying to sell. Oonnie's goal is to help these small producers expand into the fast-paced e-commerce space so that they can focus on creating the amazing food products that they're passionate about.

In a time when food scarcity is becoming a modern problem looking to be solved, it's our mission to help alleviate the global supply chain. That's why we built a space where human connection and conscious food choices come together and thrive. 

As a company, Oonnie was founded on the premise that buying local food should not be difficult to add in to your regular grocery shopping routine. We aim to spread ideas of sustainability and responsibility and make an impact that reaches far beyond our own business.

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