GLXY Land - Oonnie

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Title: 500ml
Jug-a-Juice 1.9L
It's called GLXY Land because it's the funnest of all of our juices, just like Galaxy Land here in Edmonton! This juice is made for the sweet tooths and the adrenaline-chasers.

GLXY Land is a tasty and nutritious hydrator that tastes like punch. It's ingredients offer a wide selection of vitamins and essential minerals to keep you hydrated after a workout or on a hot summer day. The brilliant red colour in this juice comes from a phytonutrient in red bell peppers called capsanthin that is a powerful antioxidant in the body. This juice is good for:
- Fuelling long, extraneous training
- Replenishing electrolytes after a sweat, steam bath or surgery
- Offers 280% of your DRI of Vitamin C
- Provides a good dose of Quercetin for heart health
- Helps replenish iron during anemic episodes

Extra Information

INGREDIENTS - Red Bell Pepper - Strawberries - Gala Apple - Beet - Coconut Water