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Ginger Shot

Title: 2oz
10 Pack (10x2oz)
Ginger is known for being a superfood that is highly anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative. This shot is good for stimulating digestion, reducing heart burn, and supporting your pain management practices.2 fluid ounces of 100% organic ginger juice!

The colour may vary depending. on the season and the origin of the ginger. Do not be concerned with the white sediment on the bottom; it's natural starches in ginger that settle out after juicing.

Maximum shelf life is 21 days. These jars are quite sturdy, so you can order in bulk and freeze them if you'd like. Just loosen the lid so the jar doesn't crack when the liquid expands during freezing. 
Our juices are made with organic ingredients, 100% cold-pressed juice; we do not dilute with water.

Sold as 1 2oz shot or a 10 pack of 2oz shots.

Extra Information

INGREDIENTS Ginger (pressed from the root vegetable, not powder)