Bunnie Doon - Oonnie
Bunnie Doon - Oonnie

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Bunnie Doon

Title: 500ml
Jug-a-Juice 1.9L
The carrot craving bunny in you will be delighted by this sweet & savoury blend. It taste sweet like carrot juice should and will tickle your taste buds with an unexpected savouriness from the parsley and lemon.

In all the ways that carrots might disappoint you, this juice will not, we guarantee it! Bunnie Doon is not as sweet as you might think. It's a balanced sweet and savoury blend that makes it easy to drink in a sitting. Parsley is added to this juice for balancing flavour and also offering superb detoxification properties. This juice is good for:
- Reducing bloating and water retention
- Promoting excretion as a natural diuretic 
- A good source of vitamin A
- Reducing oxidation and cancer risk (apigenin in parsley)
- Reducing inflammation (eugenol oil in parsley is anti-arthritic)
- Protecting blood vessels (lots of B vitamins)

Extra Information

INGREDIENTS - Carrot - Apple - Parsley - Ginger - Lemon